Case studies

A case study offers a glimpse into my methods and process. Full disclosure, some of these projects occurred before I committed to the One Concept Approach. But I have learned a new tried and tested method and it is exactly these experiences I needed to convince me that the OCA is the best strategy for cutting down on unnecessary rounds of revisions and being more efficient to get your brand where it needs to be. It was these projects that created their own case study for improving my strategy process and the evidence base for the OCA.

01 / ProgressiveK12 / A new brand was academic


ProgressiveK12 is an individualized and multisensory tutoring program. The owner, Corrine Turner-Jacob, has been in the education field for 17 years and has worked out of her home. In 2020, she moved her business to a storefront operation and used this wonderful event to rebrand her business. Corrine approached me to redesign her logo after Factus designed her brochure the previous year. It was a great learning experience.

02 / Encore Catering / Catering to a fresh new brand

NewLogo 1.png

Encore hired me to rebrand the entire business. After more than a decade using a serviceable logo, and moving into a new building, they were ready for a new brand recipe. This project was pretty filling because there would be opportunities to serve up multiple courses of brand touch points.

03 / Peak to Peak Brewery / The fermentation process for an updated brand


Owners Gordon and Joy McKennon opened Peak to Peak in November 2014 with just 1,000 square feet, but have since doubled its footprint to include a three-barrel brewhouse and more seating. With this growth, Gordon reached out to me to ask Factus to brew a more stout, contemporary brand.