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Crónica Media Solutions

Talented photographer and videographer Cris Rodriguez found himself at a crossroads when he realized that his business was unwittingly being confused with a competitor who shared his name. Determined to reclaim his market share and redefine his brand, Cris sought out my expertise to develop a new identity that would not only distinguish him from his competitors but also celebrate his Colombian heritage.

Through meticulous research and strategic brainstorming, I began a journey to create a brand name that encapsulated Cris's vision and values. Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of Colombian culture and storytelling traditions, we coined the name "Crónica Media Solutions."

The term "Crónica," derived from the Spanish word for "chronicle" or "chronicling," serves as a nod to Cris's cultural roots while conveying a sense of narrative and depth to his work. Paired with "Media Solutions," the name reflects Cris's comprehensive and innovative approach to visual storytelling, encompassing both photography and videography services.

To complement the new brand name, I crafted a visual identity that seamlessly integrated elements of Colombian design style and imagery. From vibrant color palettes inspired by Colombia's River of Seven Colors (Caño Cristales River) to dynamic logo marks suggestive of the motion and energy of Colombian music and dance, every aspect of the brand identity was carefully curated to attract Cris's target audience and set him apart in a crowded market.

Since rebranding as Crónica Media Solutions, Cris has experienced a resurgence in business, with clients drawn to his unique blend of creative style and cultural authenticity. By embracing his heritage and leveraging it as a source of differentiation, Cris has not only reclaimed his position in the market but also established himself as a trailblazing expert in the world of visual media.

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