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"Branding is one of the most important pieces to the marketing puzzle. Without it, there is really no way for us to market and advertise for clients on a day to day or week by week basis - which social media and email marketing require. We often turn away clients who have no branding and ask them to work with people like Mark with Factus Creative before coming to work with us - branding is the first big, important investment they should make if they are serious about their business."

Watch Amanda discuss the most essential, strategic investment piece that is so critical to your marketing, from Denver Startup Week here (starting at 27:40).

—  amanda mclernon

founder & ceo of mclernon & co. and keep social media social

happy client

"I had the pleasure of engaging the services of Mark and his esteemed company, Factus Creative, to embark on a transformative journey of rebranding and renaming my video and photo business. Collaborating with Mark was an experience that transcended the realms of mere business consultation; it was a profound and introspective voyage that not only illuminated the path of my entrepreneurial endeavors but also touched upon the cathartic aspects of self-discovery.

Through his remarkable insights and astute guidance, Mark enabled me to perceive the very essence of my identity as a business owner, allowing me to gain invaluable clarity regarding the future trajectory of our enterprise. Beyond the realm of rebranding, my interactions with Mark have been an enlightening odyssey, providing me with an abundance of knowledge and wisdom that has nourished my professional growth.

Whether you find yourself in need of a comprehensive revamp or embarking on the exhilarating journey of establishing a brand-new business, I wholeheartedly recommend Factus Creative. Their expertise, coupled with an unwavering commitment to excellence, possesses the power to propel your venture towards unparalleled success.”

—  cris rodriguez

owner, cronica media solutions

happy client

My favorite part of working with Mark is how he included me in the process. He knew what questions to ask, he knew how to listen and he knew what my business needed to stand out in my industry. His work is it's unique, tailored to my business and professional.



happy client

I engaged Mark to help develop our brand for a new healthcare venture. Of all the challenges in launching a new business, working with Mark was one of the true highlights of that experience. Mark not only listened to our input, but he added value in the creative process. Through timely communications, professionally executed deliverables, and creativity, Mark exceeded all of our expectations. The additional value comes when I embark on my next project and I can skip the vendor selection process to hire a trusted partner.

—  doug miller

co-operator/owner, pacific coast primary care

coos bay, oregon

happy client

Factus Creative (Mark) updated the branding of our 70 year-old business while maintaining our tradition. This was done with analysis, discussion, and review. It was remarkable, efficient and effective. The process also helped our company focus its messaging. Mark is extremely informed and was a fast learner of our business and a joy to work with.

—  David Hansen, OWNER, Hansen tree farm

Ramsey, Minnesota


Mark is not only an extremely talented creative, he is also a incredibly professional and kind. While we worked together at Access Marketing, I consistently watched him create stunning visual designs for clients in IT, aviation and finance. He has "been there done that" when it comes to conceptualizing visual brands, and it shows.

—  hillary susz

content strategist, VMLY&R


I worked with Mark at IBM on the Creative Marketing team. He was the first colleague I met and immediately made me feel welcome. I had just graduated college and was nervous for my first full-time job. Mark made me feel like no question was too dumb and was always willing to hop on the phone and help me out.


Whenever I needed advice or a second opinion, he was the first person I'd call. Mark is the kind of person that you always want to collaborate with. Regardless of the project, big or small, I always wanted him to be involved. Aside from being insanely creative, he has this great ability to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.


There were multiple times where we'd be in a brainstorm and his ability to encourage creativity, yet keep everyone on track, was essential. In brainstorm sessions, it's really easy to get excited and start to drift away from the main goals.


Mark had this ability to inspire everyone to stay creative and keep throwing out ideas, while pushing us in the right direction. He is truly incredible at fostering creativity and I always loved getting the opportunity to collaborate with him. At one point in my role, I was tasked with Project Managing for the team. Whenever an urgent project came up, Mark was the first person I'd go to. His ability to effectively manage his time and willingness to step up to the plate was always so appreciated. I never had to stress about him missing a deadline and knew I could always count on him to get the job done. I can't say enough great things about Mark.


At the end of the day, he's an amazing person, an amazing coworker, an amazing designer, and an amazing role model. Mark, thank you for taking me under your wing and showing me the ropes. I truly do appreciate all you've done for me. 

—  caroline muse

program planner, brand strategy, ibm


I know Mark Lilley through several different and incredible social causes that we are both a part of. He constantly puts others before himself in so much that he does. I have started a men’s volunteer organization recently in the Denver area, bringing men together to build community while giving back to the community, and Mark has been an intricate part of that.


He is someone that I can always count on and has helped me tremendously in building our brand, helping us grow and making himself available for so many amazing causes and events. Recently Mark has gone above and beyond and has helped our group to build, capture, edit, and create some incredible film footage from our events. He is so very talented at what he does and has helped us in really sharing our story and getting our name out there! Mark thank you for all you’ve done! It does not go unnoticed and is so greatly appreciated!

—  brendan machamer

user experience researcher, Charles schwab

friend and manager

Mark is an amazing professional and a good friend! He is always helpful, collaborative, creative and results focused. He listens to a client's needs and provides a variety of options that not only tackle their goals but also pushes the concept in unique ways. Mark is an asset to any team and I hope to have the opportunity work with him again.

—  ed cinefro

Vp, Creative Services, Access Marketing Company


Working with Mark at Factus Creative has been an absolute pleasure! Mark has exceeded all of my expectations and continues to go above and beyond in his work helping me expand my brand beyond the logo I already had.
One of the best surprises in working with Mark was the way we would brainstorm together and he would come up with all kinds of fabulous designs that I hadn’t even thought of. He was able to take my rambling words and create ideas that represented exactly what I was trying to convey without ever losing track of my professional identity.
Lastly, he has patiently answered all of my social media questions and has been a terrific guide in this area. Mark is the consummate professional and I absolutely highly recommend him!!

—  temple trigg, MA, CDC

Personal Divorce Support and Consulting, Hope Through Divorce

agency owner

When Mark was with our agency, he was highly inventive and creative as a designer. We do personality/behavioral assessments for all staffers and he charts very high on out of the box thinking and idea generation. So, if you need fresh perspective and ideas, Mark's your guy. He's a steady presence on a team, focusing on an end goal until it's reached. I'd recommend Mark for a design role that leverages his creative skills on larger projects where dedicated attention is valuable.


Managing Partner, Access Marketing Company

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