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About Me

Hello! My name is Mark and I'm a city boy who gives a damn about being a better steward of the resources we have. I have wholeheartedly shifted my focus to elevate what is undoubtedly the most essential industry on the planet -- food growth. And, I want to create brands for companies working hard for the greater good.


I want to make some audacious noise to help change the old rural stereotype of rusted pickup trucks and midwestern sweat equity, and bring smart farming, satellite-based irrigation surveillance, soil carbon-scrubbing and robotic harvesting in AgTech to the forefront (and make it be cool).

It is my hope to be as innovative and careful with creative branding for the agricultural industry as ag is with making the land we are using the most healthy it can be.

The Mission

Factus Creative exists as an ally to strategically help AgTech innovators achieve measurable success by creating a distinctive brand that delivers recognition, credibility and longevity, which translates to better sales, loyal customers and attract investors.


The Vision

Factus passionately supports plant and animal food growth technology and strives to create highly memorable identities and be a contributor to the advancement of pleasingly aesthetic brands throughout the AgTech world in the most positive way possible.

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

The Story behind the name

The Genesis of Factus

Based in Denver, Colorado, Factus was born in 1984 when I was paid for my very first monogram logo for a lawyer in college. I wanted a cool name for my side gig and I came up with Factus Maneuver because it sounded Latin for "true movement", which is what I considered my unique design style to be. Over the years, I've continued to use Factus for my freelance and now my own branding design business, which became an LLC in 2016, and then incorporated in 2022. After a sunny career in corporate design (agencies, in-house and global marketing departments) I decided to make my dream come true.* Oh, and the actual definition of factus?

Factus (Latin) v: 1. to bring forth; 2. create, bring into existence; 3. compose from imagination

My Promises to You


I promise to conduct my business with character, honesty and strong ethical principles.


I promise to value and understand the feelings of my clients, vendors and others I interact with.


I promise to hold myself to the highest degree of excellence and accountability while working for you.


I promise to treat clients with dignity, listen, build trust and take concerns seriously.



(That's me over there second from the right)

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Future Movers and Shakers

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Future Movers and Shakers
Future Movers and Shakers

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That career goal tho!
That career goal tho!

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Future Movers and Shakers
Future Movers and Shakers

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