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What does an environmentally-conscious caffe following sustainability practices look like?

Research shows that customers, however, are eager to play their part in encouraging sustainable coffee shop practices. One 2018 study found that 60% of customers now look for indicators of sustainability when they purchase food products, and that 4 in 10 customers are willing to pay 50% more for products that are sustainably sourced and created.


Making their coffee shop more sustainable benefits customers, the planet, and the bottom line. Among other steps to be as sustainable as possible, all coffee shops can:

  • reduce, reuse and recycle disposables effectively

  • use actionable ways to reduce food, milk and coffee waste

  • partner with companies that prioritize environmental health

  • offer discounts to customers who bring in reusable cups

  • put ingredient containers back to good use

  • roast coffee in-house while minimizing emissions

  • transitioned to energy-efficient toilets, LED lighting and Energy Star appliances

  • take steps to become plastic-neutral

  • create a culture of conscious coffee among customers

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