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Yield Shield

Farm insurance. Crop protection. Coverage. Defense. Safety. Whatever you need, or want to call it, it is absolutely necessary for peace of mind. Farmers and ranchers, like warriors, must be equipped and prepared for the worst.


With so many variables and unpredictable factors like weather, machinery, drought, disease and revenue, it has to be anticipated. Your farm or ranch is your castle, your way of life, and Yield Shield will help you protect it and your family. And it will help you predict it with historical data and analytics so you can be armed for what's ahead.


Defend the land!

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Corporate vehicle wraps // Like the farms and ranches they serve, the vehicles are clean and white, with large branding on the doors, and secondary graphics for quick identification on those long, country roads.

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The origin of the primary logomark // Incorporating the familiar crop rows into the letter Y (Yield) inside of the shield makes for a distinctive and tidy logo.

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Storefront branding // Easily identifiable and quickly familiar and welcoming in the community.

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Billboards // Letting the local community know what you do and who you do it for.

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Bus bench adverts // Waiting for the bus has never been more compelling.


Comprehensive logo suite // Offering a variety of patterns, marks and a familiar color palette to the target audience.

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Claims adjuster trucks // Branded with bold graphics in the field.

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They still use business cards, right? // Yep. 

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For the executive // Farming and ranching isn't all dirty.

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