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Zago Painting rebrand

You can keep the environment in mind when painting your house's interior. Among the many ways you can go green around the house, you can adopt eco-friendly painting practices.

Eco-friendly paints and primers contain low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Another effective tool for giving your home a style makeover is natural paint brushes. You'll be creating a safe (and modern!) environment if you adopt eco-friendly, sustainable painting practices when you paint your home.

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Above left, is the current logo for Zago, a local painting business. My concept for a colorful rebrand, as well as some helpful information for a painting business (and weekend paint warriors) to practice more eco-friendly paint sustainability, are presented below.


While painting, you can help the environment in many ways...

Dispose of the material properly. The right way to dispose of excess paint you didn't use is important. Do not pour paint thinners, solvents, or paint itself down the drain. After you are finished with these items, dispose of them in a hazardous waste facility with a tight-fitting container. Environmental damage can be caused by improper disposal of paint products.

Reuse, reuse and reuse. The importance of reusing cannot be overstated! Despite what many people think, paint thinner can be reused for decades. Donate paint thinner or stripper that has been forgotten to refinishing stores or even to contractors who paint.


Air cans out before disposing them. Any amount of latex paint left in a can may pose a risk to the environment. Make sure you leave any old paint cans open in a well-ventilated place before disposing of them. When the cans are completely dry, you can place them in the trash.

Reduce waste. People oftentimes make the mistake of discarding or filing away paint that they are no longer using. If you finish your paint project and there is more than half a gallon left, try using it on another project. You can even mix a few different colors to create a shade that will look good on whatever you intend to paint.

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