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Genetic engineering in agriculture is known to increase crop yields, lower production costs for food and drugs, reduce pesticide usage, enhance nutrient composition, increase food quality, reduce pests and diseases, and provide medical benefits for the world's growing population.


ProSeed has developed an organic and earth-first healthy way of creating seeds for soy, corn, wheat, among others, that are stronger and more durable against less-than-optimal conditions and reap healthier yields and even regenerate soil. 

"Proceed to the future of agriculture."

CaseStudy images_0000s_0007_silo.jpg

Storage graphics // Colorful, attractive and memorable.

CaseStudy images_0000s_0000_elements.jpg

Origin of the logo // All living things have DNA. Combing the helix with a living plant results in a cheeky yet sophisticated logomark.

CaseStudy images_0000s_0002_lab.jpg

Interior environmental graphics // A vibrant, living color palette brightens any lab or growing space.

CaseStudy images_0000s_0005_truck.jpg
CaseStudy images_0000s_0006_delivery.jpg

Truck and transport graphics // Bold, clean and attractive graphics make for a memorable experience on the roadways.

CaseStudy images_0000s_0003_logos.jpg

Comprehensive logo suite // Purposeful primary marks for vendors and collaborative efforts.

CaseStudy images_0000s_0001_bulk.jpg

Shipping and packaging // Who says eco-friendly, sustainable shipping boxes with 1-color branding have to be ugly?

CaseStudy images_0000s_0004_letterhead.jpg

Communications // Colorful and memorable stationery.

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