the feeding and seeding starts here.

Step 1 - Conceive: Start with the Harvester™️

Every project starts here with this conversation. The Harvester digs deep to get precise insights about your business, like how it all started, where you are now, and what your future growth patterns want to look like.

Sow, nurture, produce.

First, we'll collect high yield details together. Then, I'll analyze the material and gather everything that makes you unique from your competition. Finally, I'll create an action plan, where I'll plot a course that will provide all the nutrients you need for your fresh brand.

Then, it's up to you.

When I deliver your plan, you can take it from here or hire me as your brand building partner to take care of it for you. When you hire me for the full endeavor, the *cost of the Harvester™️ is applied to the package.

Step 2 - Achieve: Make it happen with a Brand Harvesting Package

After we complete the Harvester to understand what really makes your business so unique, I will suggest the perfect branding formula to get you the highest yield possible with one of the Harvesting Packages.

importance of branding

"Branding is one of the most important pieces to the marketing puzzle. Without it, there is really no way for us to market and advertise for clients on a day to day or week by week basis - which social media and email marketing require. We often turn away clients who have no branding and ask them to work with people like Mark with Factus Creative before coming to work with us - branding is the first big, important investment they should make if they are serious about their business."

—  amanda mclernon

founder & ceo of mclernon & co. and keep social marketing social