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Creating a legacy starts here.

STEP 1 / Let's chat
We'll find out if we're a good fit. 

If you like to get things done efficiently, are okay with a bit of unorthodox thinking, are receptive to having a collaborative relationship that will make a radical difference and enthusiastic about stretching the boundaries of your comfort zone, mixed with a little humor and fun in order to get the best results...

...then we'll work together juuuust fine!

Let's kick off this journey with a quick chat to affirm our connection is active and lively. We will need to discuss your budget and timeline, and we can create a package that fits both.


STEP 2 / Conceive
Start with the Brand Impact Survey™️

Every project starts with the Brand Impact Survey. This in-depth discovery digs deep to uncover unique insights about you, as a person and your business, with how it all started, where you are now, and where you want to go.


Through our collaborative deep-dive, we will be able to define your brand persona. With this approach, we’ll ensure we’re not just shaping your brand, but fueling recognition and positioning you for success.

Next, we'll deliver a tailor-made course of action in the Impact Brief that will elevate your business and resonate with your perfect audience.

Step 3 / Achieve
The Brand Impact Solution

After we complete the Brand Impact Survey to understand what really makes your business unique, I will suggest a tailored branding solution to get you started toward the results you need, within your budget and timeline.

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importance of branding

Branding is one of the most important pieces to the marketing puzzle. Without it, there is really no way for us to market and advertise for clients on a day to day or week by week basis - which social media and email marketing require. We often turn away clients who have no branding and ask them to work with people like Mark with Factus Creative before coming to work with us - branding is the first big, important investment they should make if they are serious about their business.

—  amanda mclernon

founder & ceo of mclernon & co. and keep social marketing social

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