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Encore Catering

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Description of the business:

For over 13 years, Encore Catering & Culinary Services has been unified under a single approach – Good Food! Good food does not have to be complicated or designed in a lab to be interesting. All of our food is prepared in-house by skilled chefs driven to make your event exceptional. Whether you need a dressed-up affair or need to strip it down, our staff can provide as much or as little as you need. 

Previous logos

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New primary, secondary logos

NewLogo 1.png
NewLogo 2.png
NewLogo 3.jpg

The creative process


Encore Catering & Culinary Services is an established business that wanted to renovate their logo and brand. They had equity in their old logo and wanted to keep the main idea of a 'bowing' chef. The chef is bowing in gratitude from the accolades of yet another (an Encore) successful catered event.


In this case, it was a matter of raising the level of sophistication, from an abstract and loosely drawn representation of a chef, to something with more detail, proportion and professionalism.


Since I had the basis for the logo, research was spent on trying different illustration styles for the chef. It was a blast sampling lots of fonts and incorporating a balance of elegant and bold typography, some with a slightly more retro look with heavy slabs, and others with a dash of dignified scripts and sharp serifs.



I decided to change the primary color from a dull and faded orange, to a bright and clean green, more palatable for the fresh food industry.


The green represents the fresh salads and veggies; I updated the dull yellow to a more seasoned mustard gold to represent breads, fish and flavorful dressings; the rich amber brown represents robust meats and chocolatey sweets.


Any combination of these colors would work in a smorgasbord of choices and feel fresh. A bold, beefy initial cap E is a great for the Encore as well as a counterbalance when used alone with the chef in a submark.


Some of the secondary marks are served up in a unique "bulging" square form.


The finished designs offer a more cultured overall look and elegance and the introduction of a logo in a roundel.


The visibility of a catering business meant opportunities to place the brand on lots of different surfaces like trucks, websites, digital signage, social media, employee uniforms, menus, emails and so much more.


The applications



Truck wraps


The collateral


Menu cover.png

Associated corporate deli logo

WildSage logo.jpg

Business card

Environmental signage

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