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Groopster is a revolutionary social outing business that combines fun, environmental consciousness, and community engagement into a single dynamic experience.


Groopster is all about creating unforgettable group adventures where participants can have a great time while making a positive impact. With a strong focus on sustainability, they carefully craft each outing, from eco-friendly transportation options to partnerships with local conservation organizations.


Their passionate guides educate participants about the environment, fostering a sense of appreciation and responsibility. By collaborating closely with communities, Groopster supports local businesses and promote cultural exchange, making every Groopster outing an opportunity for connection and personal growth.


Joining Groopster allows members to embark on thrilling adventures that leave lasting memories while actively contributing to a better world for ourselves and future generations.



Transportation // A modest fleet of VW Buses that have been retrofitted with hybrid-electric motors and high-tech, sustainable recycled tires to provide a much-improved carbon footprint for eco-friendly adventures. Bright and bold, these buses are sure to turn a curious glance their way.


The logo // A name and wordmark as fun thoughtful as the activities themselves. The double-Os are interlinked to represent the like-mindedness and togetherness of the groups. And, once a member, always a member and members are 'OGs', affectionately called Original Groopsters.


Outdoor assets // Colorful banners waving in the wind beckon participants to the meeting spot.


Branded swag // Things like buttons and attractive, reusable canvas bags help make a strong visual statement about being a part of this organization.


Mobile app // Provides the latest news about current events, impact statements of past events. Also activity signups, calendars for upcoming events, lectures and volunteer opportunities and a directory of members makes this a handy tool.


Groopster Guides // Guides educate participants about the environment, fostering a sense of appreciation and responsibility.

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