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When bad branding is bad for business

There's nothing complicated about it. Losing business can be a consequence of ineffective branding.

Your company's reputation can suffer and people's experience may be negatively affected. A brand reflects your company's values, your mission, and your integrity. A confusing or unprofessional brand can hurt your company's perception and trust, which is imperative for its success.

Indicators that inferior branding is hurting your business.

A poorly designed logo.

The design of your logo can have a repelling effect on your business if it is too complex, indistinctive, or not memorable. Never underestimate a well-thought out logo and brand identity system. You can run the risk of looking cheap, and the perception that your product is also cheap and not worth consideration.

Erosion of trust.

A company's ability to build trust with its consumers is greatly determined by their emotional connection. In the absence of an emotional link to what you are offering, customers won't feel confident investing in a relationship with you. Having meaningful and relevant content is vital to building a personal connection.

Erratic social media presence.

Advertising your products or posting other self-serving content will turn consumers off. And, if you don't post regularly, you might give the wrong impression, may lead someone to view your brand as out of date or inattentive. Or worse, that you're no longer in business.

Looking sloppy.

Poor grammar on your website or social posts shows a level of carelessness and unprofessionalism that will drive customers away. If you show a lack of love with your own business, how will your customers feel confident they will get the best attention to detail?

Conflicting messages.

Your business no doubt, will change over time as you grow, adapt and adjust. Perhaps your brand has become outdated, or your goals have changed, and your brand has become misaligned with different messages and varying looks. Does your digital presence match all of your other marketing touchpoints?


All aspects of your company are affected by your branding, from your logo to your marketing, packaging, trade show booths, how your employees interact with each other, and the language you use with your customers. Demonstrating an attention to detail, building trust through an emotional connection that what you offer can solve specific problems and being consistent with your social media and online personality, are all keys to the long-term success of your business.


If you have taken an honest assessment of your brand, and determined your current brand doesn't communicate the same level of growth and advancement as the rest of your business, let's talk.

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