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Providing your business with the power of distinction. 


Increase customer loyalty with powerful, expert visual identity solutions.

Inspirational. Responsible. Meaningful.

estbablishing credibility

demanding recognition

experiencing longevity

Developing a lasting reputation for your company that reaches beyond what you sell or provide starts with a thoughtfully created brand identity.

It's the promise of clarity, the allure of being noticed, and the power to be remembered.

Who I help and collab with:

Web developers

Web developers with clients who don't have a thorough brand with style guides when they come to you to create a business website. 


Established businesses whose visuals have become inconsistent over time or initial goals and values have changed.

ESG and Venture Capital

Investors in need of an experienced, go-to brand designer to create powerful strategic identities for your clients.


Funded startups hungry to look credible and make a striking, polished introduction in your market and impress and attract investors. 


What I do.

Every business deserves an inspired brand identity experience that gets them noticed and remembered.

Logo design

Logo Design, Branding +
Identity Systems

Logo and branding expansion

Brand Expansion +
Logo Modernization

Typography, icons, illustrations

Custom Typefaces, Icons, Illustrations + Infographics

Do you want to make a positive impact in the world through your business, but struggle to communicate your values effectively through design?

client testimonial

My favorite part of working with Mark is how he included me in the process. He knew what questions to ask, he knew how to listen and he knew what my business needed to stand out in my industry. His work is it's unique, tailored to my business and professional.


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