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How Sustainability is Styling in the World of Fashion

A major contributor to climate change and one of the most polluting industries in the world is fashion.

Fashion has become an unsustainable sector with social justice concerns because it employs environmentally hazardous practices, obtains exploitative animal-based textiles, and engages in unfair labor practices.

Designed, manufactured, and marketed in an environmentally and socioeconomically conscious manner, sustainable fashion seeks to minimize the impact of clothing on the environment, while fast fashion brands are notoriously wasteful.


Ideally, this should take place across the entire life cycle of the garment, from its creation to its disposal.


A responsible designer understands the importance of everything they do - from how they treat those who produce their products to the materials they use.



Let your branding point eco-friendly fashionistas to the most sustainable and ethical labels

Effective branding, visuals and messaging can stir a sense of emotional responsibility in a buyer with a bit of education and consumer awareness, which can then lead to consumer behavior.

Brands resonate with today's consumers when their mission resonates with theirs. A new generation of passionate individuals actively seeks businesses that promote the causes they care about. 

Businesses with a purpose are also three times more likely to succeed than those without.

Unfortunately, fashion consumers do not always consider sustainability when making a purchase decision.

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