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Welcome to the Market

Take a look around. I'll be over here if you have any questions.

01 / Font Goodness


Occasionally I spend time in the Factus Abecedary Labs handcrafting some typographic truth. A little bit of everything you need right here.

02 / Cre8tor God Apparel

Cre8tor G0d t-shirt mockups-09.jpg

Cre8tor God Apparel is a side project that was clanging around in my head for a long time, and now I've  decided to take that leap of faith and design some pretty neat shirts and caps.

03 / Factus Swag


You might be asking yourself why would I want to wear swag from an obscure brand design studio? I get it. But why not? Help spread the word about Factus Creative! (Then someday it won't be obscure!)

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