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How the power of branding can help you achieve success.

Branding plays a critical role for venture capital businesses, angel investors, entrepreneurs and startups.

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Key takeaways for startups and entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs and startups with financial support increases visibility and attracts the attention of the market. It adds value to your business and shows prospective partners and customers, as well as future investors, that you are worth considering. 


The business plan for many startups may consist of nothing more than a concept or a simple prototype. There are plenty of good reasons why VCs are tight with their investment dollars. Having a professional brand behind something new, different and innovative will undoubtedly gain the attention of investors.​​​​

How I can help you

Factus Creative can help put your business in a better position to attract essential angel investments or venture capital with smart and strategic branding.


We can be your partner in creating a beautiful brand and looking more professional. Demonstrating value, credibility, competence and desirability, are ways you can begin building trustworthiness with a well-planned, strategically developed brand in place.

Factus Creative offers the Brand Impact Survey to help you identify, distill and focus the essential elements of your brand to get you noticed. Factus can make your new startup look professional and attractive to potential investors, instill confidence, and look competent in the marketplace.​​

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Key takeaways for investor or consultant firms

Investing capital and management expertise in new and innovative companies with high growth potential with the expectation to make their return in capital gains. 

Venture capitalists and private equity firms look for enduring products and services with a competitive edge to invest in. The goal is to generate sales and profits before competitors enter the market and dilute profits.

ESG Consultants help companies determine what actions may negatively impact them. In addition to improving a company's image, this is beneficial for business as well.

Customers are noticing which companies are becoming more socially and climate-conscious, and employees and partners will have an even greater interest being a part of these businesses. The positive impact of having a green strategy includes increased profitability because of cost cutting initiatives, revenue growth and new customer attraction.

How I can help you

Partner with Factus Creative to better position your investments with smart, strategic branding to create the high visibility you need. 

Having a strong brand in the marketplace at the outset is critical. The brand is the core identity, and often the 'face' of a company that can make or break it. A brand with longevity will establish trustworthiness and exude reliability, and attractiveness to consumers. A durable, skillful identity system is powerful, and plays an important role in gaining a competitive advantage over similar competing experiences.​​

Sharing common interests, Factus Creative offers visual design solutions for ESG firms who help businesses seeking to implement sustainable initiatives.

With a joint venture relationship, Factus Creative can be your go-to compliment to your sustainability strategies with comprehensive branding expertise. Newly-formed sustainable businesses must increase awareness with a strong, memorable brand.


Businesses with a reputation for doing things before becoming more environmentally conscious  will want to rebrand and communicate that they are making more positive impacts than before and distinguish and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

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Key takeaways for new ventures or established businesses

Budding ventures, as well as established businesses, will have a need at some point to reevaluate their brand and address the various aspects of growing pains.


In one scenario, businesses in their early stages have some form of identity in place so they can be recognized, print business cards and start networking and marketing themselves. Over time, as the products or services flourish, it's easy for the brand to get left behind while the business begins to outpace the initial goals creating inconsistency.

How I can help you

Factus Creative will realign your brand by digging deep to get precise insights about your business, like how it all started, where you are now, and your goals and aspirations.

We'll make sure your logo, fonts, colors and tagline get re-calibrated and make sure your comprehensive brand matches where your business is now and has the longevity and sustainability to grow with your goals and your customer's expectations.

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