How the power of branding with Factus Creative can help you achieve investment success

Branding can play a critical role for venture capital businesses, angel investors, entrepreneurs and startups

Key takeaways for investors:

Professional and enduring branding will help make your investment look attractive to consumers, encourage growth and increase ROI, perhaps for a potential exit strategy. Investors click here to learn how.

The goals of investors in new ventures:*
Investing capital and management expertise in new and innovative companies with high growth potential with the expectation to make their return in capital gains.

Factus Creative can help better position your investments with smart, strategic branding to create the high visibility you need.


Venture capitalist and private equity firms look for a competitive advantage in the market. They want their portfolio companies to be able to generate sales and profits before competitors enter the market and dilute profitability. The fewer direct competitors operating in the space, the better.


Investors want to invest in great products and services with a competitive edge that are enduring. They look for a solution to a real problem that hasn't been solved before in the marketplace. They look for innovations that customers can't do without – because it's so much better or cheaper than anything else in the market.



Before putting money into an opportunity, venture capitalists spend a lot of time vetting them and looking for key ingredients to success.

Let's be honest, many venture capitalists theoretically want to have an exit strategy of selling their investments at a high yield. The bigger the market size, the greater the likelihood of a trade sale, making the business even more exciting for VCs looking for potential ways to exit their investment.

Having a strong brand in the marketplace at the outset is critical. The brand is the core identity, and often the 'face' of a company that can make or break it. A company with a great product but a poorly executed brand can make customers and investors hesitant.

Creating a brand that has longevity will establish trustworthiness and exude reliability, and therefore be much more attractive to consumers. A durable, skillful identity system is powerful, and plays an important role in gaining a competitive advantage over similar products or consumer experiences.

Don't underestimate the influence of an expertly executed logo. Initial investments are considered high-risk, and VCs demand a high rate of return.

A strong brand, tied to a competent product, is a prodigious part of a profitable exit strategy. The greatest logo won't make up for a poor product or service. Conversely, a great product may be incorrectly perceived as amateurish and incompetent because of a weak or sloppy identity. Don't be at a disadvantage for not placing enough emphasis on the importance of a robust identity.

Key takeaways for startups:

Your new business, product or big idea will look more credible and attract investors to get your ideas the financial momentum you need. Startups click here to learn how.

The needs of startups and entrepreneurs? Secure capital funding. Financial support increases visibility and attracts the attention of the market. It adds value to your business and shows to prospective partners and customers, as well as to future investors, that you are worth considering.

Factus Creative can help put your business in a better position to attract essential angel investments or venture capital with smart and strategic branding.


For many new ventures, the business plan may be based on nothing more than a concept or a simple prototype. There are plenty of good reasons why VCs are tight with their investment dollars.

Potential investors understand your new business won't have a lot of real-world authoritative equity. By demonstrating value, credibility, competence and desirability for your innovation, one way to start building your trustworthiness is to have a well-planned, strategically developed, brand in place.


For new businesses that have a limited operating history (under two years), venture capital funding is increasingly becoming a popular – even essential – source for raising capital, especially if they lack access to capital markets, bank loans, or other debt instruments.

Look more professional and less risky to investors. Factus Creative offers the Strategic Brand Survey (SBS) to help you identify, distill and focus the essential elements of your brand to get you noticed. 


Ensuring funding is very key for entrepreneurs. Investors can offer more than just money. They can help you get deals with other companies with which they have connections. After all, your success in the market is in their interest as well.

Factus can make your new startup look professional and attractive to potential investors, instill confidence, and look competent in the marketplace.



Don't make the mistake of cutting corners with your brand. Developing a new and marketable idea is not easy, and you must wear many entrepreneurial hats, which take up your time.

Identifying a problem to solve, presumably to disrupt the current market and solving that problem with something new, different and innovative will undoubtedly gain the attention of investors.

Let Factus be your partner in creating a beautiful brand that will free you to do what you do best so you can focus on making your product or service the best it can be.

Factus Creative exists to strategically help businesses achieve measurable success by creating a distinctive brand that delivers recognition, credibility and longevity, which translates to better sales, loyal customers and attract investors.


Small business owners use networking to develop relationships with people and companies they may do business with in the future. These connections help them establish rapport, trust and value among people in their own communities.

What better way is there for entrepreneurs to increase awareness than with a strong, memorable brand, that distinguishes and differentiates them from their competitors.