cre8tor god apparel and story

the story

I've literally been a creative my entire life and I've had a strong Christian faith as well. As my corporate career came to an end in 2020, I lamented that my God-given talents didn't honor my Lord and Savior and I sought out a way to do that. I'm a fan of cool T-shirts and flat billed caps and I thought there must be away I can combine my design skills with my fashion sense. I may be older, but I think I know what looks good.


A deep fascination with intelligent designCreation Ex Nihilo, fine-tuning of the universe, irreducible complexity, the Anthropic Principle and the wonderfully detailed book by Aleko Belavilas laying out the Pillars of Intelligent Design planted the seeds of the concepts of the Cre8tor God™ apparel you see below.


The logo is built around a graphical representation of the most complex of His creations, the DNA strand. Typgraphically, I used parts of the strand into an "8" to form Creator and the "O" in God.


And further, to metaphorically showcase the incredible work of DNA, I created four primary symbols from the elemental graphic of the strand. 

  1. A compact DNA strand representing intelligent design
  2. The flame of the Holy Spirit
  3. The Ichthys (Christian Fish)
  4. A symbol for the Bread of Life

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