packaging + recycling

Consumer packaging waste is an ugly problem. But WE can all help.

From production to post-use, sustainable packaging uses materials with minimal environmental impact. Besides considering the environmental impact of the components once they have been opened and discarded, it also considers the amount of energy used to produce them.


In response to the growing demand for sustainable product packaging, retailers and packaging experts have devised creative ways to be green without sacrificing functionality.


Innovative packaging solutions can meet consumer expectations, withstand shipping stress, and be environmentally friendly.



Recycling's positive effect on the environment

Recyclables minimize the amount of land needed for growing, harvesting, and extracting new raw materials from the Earth. As a result, this reduces disruption and damage to the natural world: less forest destruction, river diverting, wildlife harmed or displaced, and less air, water, and soil pollution.



(Re)package your brand as a recycling and sustainable powerhouse 

Make sure your (re)brand makes a bold statement so your customers are aware of your efforts to follow the highest standards of eco-friendly packaging design, while encouraging them to recycle, reuse and reduce waste.

When you use green packaging, your carbon footprint is reduced, plastic waste is reduced around the world and your revenue streams are improved. 


As a result, your brand emerges as a forward-thinking company with the capability to create real, positive change both locally and globally.

When a brand reflects its customers values, people identify with it, and avoid brands that don't. And, it's not just a matter of personal integrity, but consumers also want their purchases to inspire friends and family to make changes. That's an emotional connection that is priceless.