my name is mark.

A multidisciplinary designer possessing a passion for all things designed. I am a seasoned professional who can bring an abundance of keen insight to an innovative organization.


 The creative introduction.


Like sands in the are the days of our lives. I have suddenly found myself with career...choices.


So I have decided to so some housecleaning and updating to Factus while I launch the search for my next opportunity. And I'm ready for a revival. I am an experienced professional who can bring a lot to an innovative organization. And I'm ready to refresh what I do next. 


Over the span of my career, I've worked at agencies, with creative teams, in an office, in cubicles, and most recently, from home. I'm ready to transfer my years of creative skills and management experience and apply it to a different field. My field has allowed me to have a critical eye for detail; I enjoy researching, writing and presenting concepts and results; managing and collaboration has checked my ego and helped me to strive for team success while my college-level instructional experience has provided me with a joy of mentoring and teaching. Also:

  • I'm only at mid-career 
  • I've kept up with the trends and the software
  • My work is fresh and original
  • A career change will be rejuvenating, keep me sharp and fulfill my eagerness to learn new things
  • I don't have the same kind of learning curve that younger workers do
  • I know how to quickly connect with clients and give them what they want
  • I know how to collaborate with creative teams or work independently
  • This is an opportunity for a rebirth
  • There is a fork in the road -- do I focus or expand? Try something new or hone my skills?
  • I'm ready to reinvent myself for the second half of my career
  • Are you having a hard time finding the mix of creativity and experience that you can trust with your challenging jobs?
  • In the meantime, I'm strengthening my brand

And just like that, I'm more enthusiastic about this than ever before. View or download my resume. This is an opportunity for renewal. Let's do this! 


The personal introduction.


I'm the father of 2 boys, 16 and 11 and they are the joy of my life.


I'm a fifth generation founding Colorado native, whose family helped found the city of Littleton, CO. I wish that distinction came with the perks that it sounds like it would have, but we'll have to settle for a street, a trail and a recreation center named after our family. I was born and raised in Thornton, CO, got my college degree in Iowa, then moved back to Colorado.



I love skiing, hiking and family time and watching all the local sports teams. And even one not so local. I enjoy doing a lot of volunteer work to help the community. In my free time, I am passionate about organizations like the Innocence Project and watching documentaries and movies on Netflix.