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Buying the Best, But Showcasing the Flaws

When I was researching my second Canon camera to replace my original Rebel XTi, I read all the requisite articles, Youtube comparisons, commentaries, and studied the specs. I'm not going to go into the excruciating details of what we, as prosumers, need to look for with quality of images, megapixels, lens aberrations and such. The point is, that all these camera experts will test, compare, test and test some more, to tell you which is best. Most expensive. Best bang for the buck. It's exhausting, but I enjoy the research. Confirmation is a necessary thing, to make sure I really am not buying a lemon of a DSLR. I even continue my research after I've made my purchase. Affirmation is a good thing. I ended up staying, not only with Canon, (thanks Dave H.) but with the Rebel line, getting the newest T5i, because of all the good things about the video side of the camera.

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Keep Calm and Read This

As a designer I follow a lot of blogs, am active with agencies on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and all the rest. I get newsletters and updates, and I curate my uber design spaces with my Springpad account. If I've learned one thing, the old phrase "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" prevails in the design world.


Don't get me wrong, there is an endless amount of design talent that has been shown online with portfolio sites like Dribbble, and Behance, as well as inspiration sites like Serial Thriller and FFFFound. Design sites dedicated to packaging, web sites, branding, magazines and posters.

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Hoarding Design

I am a design hoarder. Years ago, I used an all-platform app called Springpad. I created categories and every day I'd collect visual design tidbits from architecture, interior design, cars, watches...ANYTHING that is designed. I had thousands of things collected from around the web and label and tag everything. I had over 10,000 followers. Springpad was Pinterest before Pinterest was born. Springpad went out of business, and I was able to export all my items to my Evernote account. But Evernote is great for collecting, but not presenting the kinds of visual things I wanted to save and refer to later. I resisted Pinterest for the longest time, but now, I've become a user, and it's virtually identical to the Springpad model, so now I'm transferring all my Evernote collections into Pinterest collections.

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Everything is designed

This blog will be an outlet for my creativity, venting, discussion, review, commentary and otherwise critique of all things that are designed. By that, I mean, everything. My training and experience and paychecks come from the creative worlds of print, electronic and photograpy design, but that doesn't mean I don't have an appreciation for other mediums as well. Music, film, marketing, advertising, architecture, furniture, books, articles, television, travel, food, gadgets, transportation, clothes, style, wayfinding, branding and more. So much more.

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