Hoarding Design

I am a design hoarder. Years ago, I used an all-platform app called Springpad. I created categories and every day I'd collect visual design tidbits from architecture, interior design, cars, watches...ANYTHING that is designed. I had thousands of things collected from around the web and label and tag everything. I had over 10,000 followers. Springpad was Pinterest before Pinterest was born. Springpad went out of business, and I was able to export all my items to my Evernote account. But Evernote is great for collecting, but not presenting the kinds of visual things I wanted to save and refer to later. I resisted Pinterest for the longest time, but now, I've become a user, and it's virtually identical to the Springpad model, so now I'm transferring all my Evernote collections into Pinterest collections.

I save everything that strikes a high note on my aesthetic meter, no matter what it is. I see something I like, either from the web, or from my own adventures and observations, and I collect it, track it, keep it, share it, tag it, organize it. I need inspiration all the time and when I need a break from work, I go in search of other things to curate and keep and make notes on.


Going back and forth from Springpad, then Evernote, and now Pinterest, it has made me fine tune my tastes. What I saved a long time ago, I look at now and chuckle and wonder what I ever saw in this or that. But this design 'cleansing' is good. I find what my tastes are as I grow older, see what really stands the test of time, and keeps me sharp.


It's becoming a bit obsessive. I get a new Android phone, and the research I involves as much if not more, about how it looks than how it performs. I like cool things that look cool. Some things are dirt cheap but if the design catches my eye, then it's golden with me. I can't stop looking at stuff without mentally deconstructing, undressing, or assessing its design lines and what could have made it better.


But that's why hoarding is so fun. I collect everything, so if I like something but it isn't perfect, there is usually something else I can keep looking for until it is the perfect creation for that object. 

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