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This blog will be an outlet for my creativity, venting, discussion, review, commentary and otherwise critique of all things that are designed. By that, I mean, everything. My training and experience and paychecks come from the creative worlds of print, electronic and photograpy design, but that doesn't mean I don't have an appreciation for other mediums as well. Music, film, marketing, advertising, architecture, furniture, books, articles, television, travel, food, gadgets, transportation, clothes, style, wayfinding, branding and more. So much more.

Even old, rusty things catch my eye. ©2010 Mark Lilley
Even old, rusty things catch my eye. ©2010 Mark Lilley

There isn't anything that isn't designed, and affects our day-to-day, or even minute-to-minute activity in some way, shape or form. And, blessedly, my life is so immersed in creativity and design that everything I look at, use, read, smell, taste and hear will get some kind of comment about it from me.


My Tumblr and Springpad collections visually capture everything I come across every day. This blog will allow me to put to words a few of the things I find compelling enough to want to discuss, and I hope you have things to say about the things I have to say. 


It's sad, but its hard for me to watch a TV show or movie the first time without being distracted by the aesthetics of everything first. I look at how a scene is filmed, the lighting, the musicbed, continuity and stuff that's hanging on the walls. Dumb, but I do a lot of recording on the DVR for this reason, so I can go back and actually watch the scene without noticing these things. I basically have to watch things twice, once for the design elements, and again for the relaxing, entertainment elements.


Most things I see with my eyes, I also scan to see if its worth taking a picture of. Even the most mundane things can be cool if framed properly or handled in post production with filters, or just black and white.


A big pet peeve of mine are billboards. When I was in school learning design and advertising, there were strict rules about how much could be on a billboard. Everything (text, photos, concept, message) had to be visually digested within 2-4 seconds, the amount of time it takes to take in a billboard while driving. I'm seeing billboards with paragraphs and collages. Even a passenger with the luxury of spending as much time necessary is hard pressed to catch everything.


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